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If you do any marketing, the first place most people go to check you out is your website. So it really does need to stand up to scrutiny if you want to hang onto your visitors long enough to persuade them to take action.

Fortunately, Prism 7 have everything you need to create (or revamp) your website:

  • Web Design: top quality websites designed by our creative team makes joining up the dots seamless
  • Web Development: we can take your web design visuals and make them turn cartwheels, sing, dance and do whatever else you want it to do (in technical terms, of course)
  • Digital Marketing: you can find out all about traffic generation on the Digital Marketing page

Once your site is live you’ll find updates are easy-peasy with the content management systems we use.

  • Brochure style websites using WordPress, a highly scalable CMS system
  • E-commerce sites built using WooCommerce or the Magento platform
  • Fully customised web development solutions are also available where your requirements don’t fit any existing solution
  • Responsive Web Development and Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are no longer a novelty, they account for nearly 50% of the total phone market and people rely on them more and more. In any gathering, virtually anywhere, people are tapping away at a touch screen:

  • Keeping tabs on their work email
  • Communicating via social media
  • Looking for information
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Playing games
  • Keeping up with their friends and family

If your website doesn’t present itself well on a smartphone you’re really missing a trick, we offer a range of mobile marketing services. And if you haven’t got an App you may be missing the whole magic show altogether!

Are you ready to crank up your web power?

Give us a call on 01582 635 591 or contact us and tell us what you really want to achieve online.

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